So before I answer tonight’s music challenge question  which is – what currently living musician has the highest probability of being remembered 100 years from now?  I thought I would go back to 1919 – 100 years ago and see if I know any of the names of the musicians from that era.  Obviously a very different time from 2019.  The ability to make quality music recordings was still in it’s infancy and some music didn’t survive simply because it wasn’t preserved.   I did recognize three names in the list that Wikapedia provided of popular music from 1919.   Irving Berlin, George Gershwin and Al Jolson.  I bet none of those lads ever thought a DJ in Chicago would be typing their names into a blog for a radio station web page in 2019!

So let’s flash forward to 2119… 100 years from now… we will all be long gone but our grandkids may still be into some of the music we love …at that point they probably will all be listening to it telepathically but hey … they may still fancy going old school and listening to their grandma’s favorite band.   So back to our question … who do you think will still be around in 100 years?  I know there are some legendary artists from the sixties who are still with us today … who will definitely still be around but what about the less obvious answers.   What about artists from more recent decades whose longevity hasn’t truly been tested yet.  Hmmmm.

I’m going with these guys … there lead singer in particular I think will be in our music history books.   U2 have been a powerful force since the early eighties and Bono has always been on the right side of history guiding us through song to awareness.   So I believe in 100 years people will still know about the lads from Dublin and in particular their rather cool and outspoken lead singer.


Okay … your turn … hop over to the River’s Facebook page and let me know who you think will stand the test of time.