Happy Sunday!  Baseball season is almost here.  And this year could be an interesting one in Chicago!

So with Spring Training underway it is our time to check out how the two Chicago baseball teams could look this year.  The White Sox made a lot of moves in the off season and..on paper…look to be much improved and ready to make a big move in the standings.  Maybe their fans will actually show up to support this team.  As a Cub fan…I have to say…I think the White Sox will be better this year than the Cubs.   Just a hunch.

The Cubs didn’t make any moves in the off season unless you call talking about trading Kris Bryant.  The team had a disappointing year last year, David Ross has never been a manager before, and the pitching staff is a year older.  Tom Ricketts is crying poor.  And yet the prices for Cubs tickets went up.  Several players had underwhelming years, injuries…and do not get me started on the bullpen.

I still love the game of baseball.  Always have, always will.  The debate will never die as to what team is the best in Chicago.  The Cubs has had much more success in the history of the franchise.  But the White Sox appear to have some young talent that could make them exciting for years to come.  And Reinsdorf finally spent some money in the off season and the team looks good.

So who will have the better season in 2020?  Cubs or White Sox?  Cast your vote in the poll I have set up on our Facebook page and let the debate begin!  Play Ball!