The above picture was taken at my senior prom in 1985 … see if you can pick me out (I’ll tell you which one is me out of all those eighties hairstyles later in the week.)   Prom is a right of passage.   Particularly in 1986 when we were all inspired by Molly Ringwold and her homemade prom dress in the movie Pretty in Pink.

So in honor of River Prom 2019 ….let me refresh your memory of Pretty in Pink: Andie Walsh is a middle class gal who is in love with Blane McDonough (yes Blane sounds more like an appliance than a name!) , he is one of the rich preppies that go to her school. Andie and her best friend Duckie are pretty much tortured by Steff, Blane’s best friend, and their obnoxious preppy crew. Oh, and Duckie is in love with Andie. (and he can lip sync the pants off of an Otis Redding song!)  Eventually, Blane and Andie hit it off but Steff is all, “she’s too poor so you shouldn’t hang out.” In the ending that was seen in theaters, Blane realizes his mistake in listening to his idiot friend and goes for Andie, and they kiss passionately outside prom. Cute, right? Well in the original ending, the movie ends while Duckie and Andie are at prom together and insinuates that they end up together. Doesn’t that just make more sense?

So the crazy thing that came out later on was that the original ending, the one that had Andie with the absolutely adorable Duckie which is what everyone really wanted,  tested terribly when it was screened (who were these people … and do they realize they ruined the film for all of us!)  So John Hughes changed the ending to the one below (EYE ROLL!!)

So River Prom 2019 is this Saturday and I will be there with my Duckie. Get more information by clicking on Experience above.