Why are People paying so much for Calendars from 1996?

It’s 2024 . . . but apparently 1996 is creating a FRENZY online.

It has nothing to do with the Unabomber’s arrest back then . . . Tupac being murdered . . . or Alanis Morissette reminiscing about spending quality time with Dave Coulier in a theater.

It’s CALENDARS.  People have realized that old 1996 calendars would work perfectly for 2024 . . . so vintage nuts are hunting down dusty 1996 calendars to use in place of 2024 ones.

It’s also the throwback SUBJECT MATTER.  There are 1996 calendars with the sensations of the time:  “Home Improvement”“Friends”“Seinfeld” . . . along with stars like:  Boyz II MenWhitney HoustonPamela Anderson, and Tom Cruise.

1996 calendars on eBay are going for anywhere between $20 and $200.  And if YOU still have one in your basement, you should use it or sell it . . . because they won’t line up perfectly with a new year until 2052.

(Fox News)