Why Does the Super Bowl 56 Logo Look Like a Bloody Crime Scene? (logo inside)

Check this out…One Twitter user had a good point.  It does look like a Bloody Crime Scene but it’s not.

NBC’s logo for Super Bowl 56 went viral yesterday . . . but not necessarily for a good reason.

The logo has the Roman numerals LVI with palm trees in them . . . because the game is going down at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.  But the trees are RED . . . and it just looks like there’s BLOOD dripping down the letters.

And yeah, Twitter’s got jokes.  One person called it “CSI: Super Bowl”.  Another said it looks more like a promo for “Dexter”.  Someone else said it looks like TOM BRADY’s bloody lip from Sunday’s playoff game.

(Check out the logo, and more Twitter reactions, here.)