S0 I love dancing … and dancing at weddings is one of my favorite things to do.  In fact I am usually the Auntie who starts the dancing (my sons find that embarrassing but I keep telling them … it makes me an extra cool Auntie!)    So my little cousins wedding was full of dancing … we danced on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.   Now Saturday night was the wedding.  We started dancing at 9.00 and we were still dancing at 2.00 am!   It was mega!

So the evening kicked off with a Whitney Houston impersonator who was really amazing … click on the link to check out a video (and yes that’s me dancing with the beautiful bridesmaid 🙂 )


So as the evening progressed a band came out and the music was fantastic.  We danced to everything from the Spice Girls to Queen.   Then they started playing Proud Mary.   Now this is where things got tricky for me.  I don’t know what it is about that song … I just can’t do it small … I have to go big.  So we started off rolling down the river nice and slow … but then things got tricky.   Of course I thought I could pull off a Tina Turner move … but sadly I need recognize that after a lot of champagne and at my current age … I no longer can!   So a few bars into … “I left a good job in the city…”  I completely wiped out.   (Shall we say I rolled down the river too far!)   The father of the bride (my cousin’s husband) came rushing over to see if I was okay.   Mostly I was … rather embarrassed obviously but I was okay.  Fortunately for me … although I was the first to go down on the dance floor … I was not the last.  So I wasn’t alone in my dance floor shame.

Here’s the crazy part … this isn’t my first Proud Mary injury … I totally buggered up my ankle a few years ago trying to pull off the exact move that wiped me out at the wedding …

As I said mostly I was okay … below is my skinned knee .. rather gross but not too bad.

So after some reflection it was decided that I should retire Proud Mary from my dancing repertoire.  We raised a glass to the song and the memories of dances in the past.  But I am afraid my Tina Turner days are behind me.