Why State Farm Sent Plainfield Fourth Graders “Jake From State Farm” Bobbleheads

I don’t believe many insurance companies are in the habit of sending our marketing and promotional material to pre-teens. I mean, they can’t even drive yet! But, one 4th grade class at Eichelberger Elementary School did, in fact, get a Jake from State Farm bobblehead for every student in the class!

State Farm sent the gifts because one of the students used the State Farm mascot in of of her school projects!

Fourth graders in Nicole Kurtovich’s class recently had the option to complete a “Turkey in Disguise” family project before Thanksgiving break. That’s when each student is given a basic outline of a turkey, and they are tasked with disguising it in a method of their choosing. One of her students chose to disguise her turkey as “Jake from State Farm.”

I can totally see how the idea came about, as you can see in my totally made up dramatization:

Hey, is that a Turkey over there??
Then who is it then?!
Jake…from State Farm.

Ms. Kurtovich shared the drawing with State Farm headquarters and soon after her students received their own bobblehead.

Great drawing by the student, and equally great marketing move by State Farm. Well done to everyone!