I’m not terribly proud of the events that unfolded, but let’s start from the beginning.

We had some very nice girl scouts drop off a box of each variety of cookie they were offering. How great! Because I love to rank things and make lists, I decided to set them up from worst to best.

7 – Trefoils (barely cookies)
6 – Savanna Smiles (Not a lemon guy)
5 – Samoas (OVER! RATED!)
4 – Do-Si-Dos
3 – S’mores (Upset alert! These are really good!)
2 – Thin Mints (This was the hardest one)
1 – Tag-alongs (Could have gone with 1-A and 1-B, but I made my choice!)

Then out comes a co-worker with some words of disagreement. To protect him/her, we’ll call him/her “Brian.” Brian not only politely opined about how incorrect I was, taking particular issue with the placement of the Samoas, but he also took it upon himself/herself to rearrange the boxes.

I verbal disagreement I can handle…but under no circumstances should one man disturb another man’s girl scout cookie boxes when set up in a ranking. It just doesn’t happen. If this were the 1870’s we would probably have to contact our seconds and set up duel outside the station.

Instead of talking about like two grown men, I told him his suggestions were idiotic and aggressively moved the girl scout cookie boxes back to reflect my initial rankings. “Brian” in turn moved them around.

Tempers flared. Curse words were uttered. Hand slapping and yelling followed.

It was not my proudest moment.

I do stand by my rankings though!

What do you think?!