So over the weekend I was listening to the lovely Laura Vaughn (who was filling in for Rich Dale) on the Weekend River.  Laura always plays some fab tunes.  So during one set she played Don Henley’s Boys of Summer followed by Led Zeppelin’s  Whole Lotta Love.  Here is one thing that struck me…. I am 99% positive that Don Henley uses a drum machine in Boys of Summer and to be perfectly honest when that song is followed by the drumming of John Bonham which is extra amazing in Whole Lotta Love, it kind of leaves you scratching your head as to why a drummer would use a drum machine.

I mean to give Don Henley a break … it must be said that song did come out in 1984 (actually won a Grammy!)  but that was when EVERYONE was using keyboards and drum machines so he may have just wanted to give it a go.   But the difference in sound on a rock track between real drums and a drum machine is so noticeable when tracks are played back to back.

So thanks Laura Vaughn of the Weekend River for the good tunes and the head scratching moment.

What do you think… drum machines…super cool … or should they stay in the eighties?