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Wiener Wiener Chicken Dinner!

Good Morning!  I am so excited about the Weiner Dog Race tonight.  February was not a good month, we need a fun distraction and these little guys will be just the thing.  Nick has already made it easy for you to pick your wiener winner.  Did you watch the video? I think there is a little guy that is still racing from the 2018 event.  Don’t we have our own River Wieners?  I need to check with the guys.  I am pretty sure someone has some of these short-legged, long-bodied, hound type dogs…they are so cute!  Maybe it’s Rich.  I have the worst memory when it comes to guys and their wieners…

Meet us out with the River Road Crew tonight in Geneva.  Hockey and Wieners!  Then we can decide if we want to spell it Wiener or Weiner.  March is already looking better than last month 🙂

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