Wild Fire Smoke That We’re All Breathing.

The pandemic has had many effects on our lives most of which we could due without, but there have been a couple of things that were actually very positive. With some many folks staying and working from home traffic subsided greatly so if you did need to go out and get somewhere it wasn’t nearly as difficult as in normal times. This lack of traffic also had a great effect on the air quality in our cities. Of the top 15 most polluted cities in America the top 4 are in California with Los Angeles being number 4. What I was surprised about were some of the other cities included in that top 15. Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Detroit, Cleveland and Chicago. I guess some are no surprise, but the overall pollution went down a lot with so many less cars on the road. Now, however, the cars have returned, but there’s an even more menacing additive being pumped into our breathing space. Smoke and ash from all the fires burning out of control in the west. Yes it does affect those neighboring states more than others, but the smoke and particles are traveling here as well and that’s not good. Wildfires in California are a big contributor to air pollution. Areas like El Dorado and the Bay Area have suffered a number of deadly and devastating wildfires over the years. Smoke and carbon emissions from these forest fires released into the atmosphere, prolongs wildfire seasons in the region and worsen quality of air in the long run.

Here’s What You May Want To Know About The Wildfire Smoke We’re All Breathing.