So you know how I feel about these hologram tours… they just seem a little off to me … but in fairness I have never seen one and the more they keep happening the more I am beginning to think maybe I need to give these things a chance (despite how uncomfortable they make me.)

So last year they had a Roy Orbison hologram tour … this year they are upping their game and Roy is going on tour with his mate Buddy Holly.  Read below what their families had to say to Rolling Stone about the tour.

“My father’s music meant the world to not just to us Orbisons but to millions of fans worldwide,” Roy Orbison Jr. said in a statement reprinted at Rolling Stone. “Being able to reopen his legendary songbook and again hear his voice bounce off great concert hall walls is both a transcendent and cathartic experience. Dad jammed with Buddy in Lubbock, Texas and helped change music history by turning Buddy on to Norman Petty Studios; Buddy later returned the favor by recording two of Dad’s songs on his first Crickets album. How beyond cool and special that these two great friends, now get to tour the world together.”

Maria Elena Holly, Holly’s widow, added that the two men were “Texans who shared a mutual respect and admiration for each other’s creative musical genius and brilliant songwriting abilities. Their long-time fans and a new generation of fans will now have the opportunity to see these great legends perform together in a unique setting, showcasing two of the finest, most influential, and beloved artists in music history.”

So this kind of relates to tonight’s Music Challenge question … would you want to see an artist that you couldn’t actually see, in hologram form?  If this craze continues … it may be unavoidable.