Will You Avoid Unvaccinated Friends Or Family For The 4th?

So we’re about a week and a half from another holiday weekend. The 4th of July is a week from Sunday! Always a big gathering point for friends and family. Summer is going fast. It’s been interesting to be in several different parts of the country recently and being able to observe and gage attitudes about the pandemic, masking, opening up and vaccinations. My two younger kids ages 30 and 25 have not gotten vaccinated and I’ve been on them about it. The two older ones have been stuck and are all good. The younger age group seems to be the ones who don’t feel the need to take the vaccine. Many excuses, but none worth the risk in my estimation. So when I saw a piece talking about how vaccinated people feel and are reacting to those unvaccinated folks I thought it interesting. A survey related last week by a biotechnical products distribution company found that 59 percent of Illinois residents who responded said they would avoid contact with friends and colleagues who are unvaccinated. So how do you feel about that? Do you shun or stay away from unvaccinated friends or relatives? I have to say it hasn’t really crossed my mind. I’m vaccinated and I think therefore fully protected. This new Delta variant seems to be more contagious and has many of the medical folks concerned.

59 Percent In Illinois Will Avoid Unvaccinated Friends. Click Here.