Will You Be My Gumdrop?

Hi, this is Leslie Harris, And today is National Gumdrop day. Did you even know there was such a holiday?

National Gumdrop day is always celebrated on February 15th, I guess because it’s not really a candy that we use to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

I think gumdrops have gotten a bad deal since the explosion of gummy bears and fancy jelly beans. I mean, they all are kind of similar, but gum drops frequently have weird flavors like clove, mint and licorice, but of course, they also frequently have fruit flavors like grape, cherry and orange. And what about those candies that were popular when we were kids, you know the ones – they were bigger than a gumdrop, sort of rectangular shaped and flat, and came in a tray? There were about six of them in the tray and I can’t for the life of me remember what they were called. Anyway…

Do you like a good gumdrop? Will you be sure to get yourself some gumdrops today on National Gumdrop day? And who comes up with these ‘holidays?’

Have a sweet day!

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