Wings or No Wings This Year?

Hi this is Leslie Harris, and no you’re not imagining it, the price of wings has shot up. In fact, the price of raw uncooked chicken wings has more than doubled in the last 2 years!

Part of the reason is supply chain issues, but the other reason is that Americans have been eating more chicken wings during the pandemic. So many more people are ordering food to be delivered, and chicken wings travel well due to their high fat content. They hold their heat well, so they’re more likely to still be warm when they show up at your door.

And I think the crazy thing is the chicken breast has remained the same price, and in some cases has even dropped. Maybe buffalo chicken dip would be a good substitute this year. I actually prefer it to chicken wings!

So, will you be serving chicken wings at your party for the big game today, or did you make some substitutions? Let me know in the comments