Hi this is Leslie Harris, and Monday night I landed again at the Goodman Theater, this time to see Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale.

I’m not quite sure how to describe this. It’s kind of a comedy, kind of a tragedy, sometimes whimsical, sometimes heartbreaking. It’s a fresh modern take on a 400 year old fairytale, and as always, the Goodman Theater does a remarkable job of telling a fascinating tale through not only the actors, but also the sets, costumes and lighting.

There are some achingly sad moments, and some laugh-out-loud funny moments as well, (sometimes in the next breath) but the story of King Leontes, with his jealousy consuming him as he watches his world fall apart, is always riveting. The more he tries to control his world, the more he loses control.

While all of the actors are superb, Christiana Clark steals the show as Noblewoman Paulina, and I almost wanted to cheer out loud for her heroism.

Be sure to catch a Winter’s Tale playing now through June 9th at the Goodman Theater on North Dearborn in Chicago. Buy tickets HERE

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