Leslie Harris in for Samantha James this week.

We’ve had SO MUCH RAIN. So why are the bushes dying?

Experts say it’s due to climate change, specifically the polar vortex. Remember when EVERYTHING shut down from the cold this past January? Apparently, it had a deadly effect on our flora.

The shrubs that have been hit hardest in our area include boxwood, and two of my favorites, Japanese Maple, and the Burning Bush. Many of the boxwoods are brown, and it’s not uncommon to see a Burning Bush without any leaves at all. It has especially affected older plants. Bushes near buildings have fared a bit better due to the protection from wind.

Something you may be seeing more of however, are mushrooms, due to our cool temperatures and abundant rain . But don’t eat them! Experts say that the types of mushrooms we have growing on top of decaying trees are not safe to eat for people or pets. Do not even compost them.

And if you have lost bushes, be sure to replace them with hardier ones. Many of these bushes are not native to our area, and don’t survive our frigid temperatures well.

Have you lost any of your favorite bushes this year? Let us know in the comments

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