Woman Offers To Pay Someone $2500 To Make Her Decisions For A Month

Adulting is hard. Seriously. I just went under contract to buy my first house and I gotta tell ya… being an adult is overrated and NOT easy.

One woman thinks it is so hard she is willing to pay someone $2500 to make all of her decisions for an entire month! The woman from Bristol, England posted the ad after she suffered a bad year in 2018.

She lost money after loaning it to a friend, got stranded on a backpacking tour and also was in an abusive relationship. Yea, I’d say she could use a little help.

She feels that if connecting with someone to control things, especially if they have any psychic abilities, would be worth the investment.

In a situation like this, would you prefer to be the person making the decisions or the person having all decisions made for you? Let me know in the comments below!

Danielle Tufano



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