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Women needs twice as many of these as men! (duh?)

How many times have we (guys) gone to the bathroom at a public place and have seen a huge line at the Ladies Room.  Weddings, concerts, restaurants, it’s endless.  There is rarely a line at a men’s bathroom.  We can zip in and zip out unless we are using the sit-down method.  This survey released in the UK, really is way past it’s prime.  Women have needed more bathrooms since the first two mens/womens rooms were built.  So how about we build them, because they will come.  (see below)

A New United Kingdom report states that women need more public bathrooms than men due to menstruation, clothing restrictions and based on the women’s anatomy.

The report calls the disparity “potty parity” which means a need for equal speed of access to public restrooms.

The report says that lack of bathrooms affects the elderly, disabled people, outdoor workers and the homeless.

As most women agree, there is a lack of public restrooms at amusement parks, tourist attractions, and shopping centers.

Do you all agree?


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