Woodstock. Never Really Wanted To Go Myself!

So The Woodstock Music and Arts Festival, 3 Days of Peace and Music started 52 years ago today. The festival has become widely regarded as a pivotal moment in popular music history as well as a defining event for the counterculture generation. I remember seeing the first reports of it on the news and it looked totally crazy with all those peeps just hangin’ round waiting for the show to start. Getting there was a real adventure in it’s own right. I was never a great camper, but the few times I did go it was you and a few friends communing with nature. Woodstock was you and a few friends communing with 4 or 5 hundred thousand others. I’ve been in my far share of big crowds (the lake front for the Chicago Symphony and the 1812 Overture accompanying the 4th of July fireworks). 2 to 3 million folks on hand for that and lot’s of large rock n roll shows.. Now don’t get me wrong, the music and the event were life changing and the couple of peeps I know that were there really dug it, but no thanks. I had no desire to go to or be at Woodstock. Come on, there’s the soundtrack (which gives you a much better feel for the music than if you’d been there), There’s the movie which gets you up close with a view no one in the audience really had. I know, it was a happening but still no. So there ya have….my admission that I wouldn’t have gone to Woodstock even with free ticket (remember it became a free concert within the first day because the organizers were so overwhelmed with the crowds). Here’s 2 different pieces from a couple of years ago on the 50th anniversary that reflects back on Woodstock!

Woodstock At 50.

Woodstock 50 Years Ago Changed Music Festivals Forever and Not In A Good Way.