Words and Phrases That Make You Think Someone Is an Idiot

We all know those people who say the dumbest things. The ones who make us roll our eyes and wonder how they even got through life at all, ya know?!

Well, Reddit users have been sharing their thoughts on the words and phrases that make them think someone is an idiot. Here are a few of the most popular responses:

  • “I could care less.”
    Yeah…and watch this person react when someone tells THEM like it is…
  • “I’m brutally honest…”
    No, you’re just a jerk.
  • “I’m not like other people.”
    Sure…says every other person.
  • “It’s just a theory.”
  • “I’m entitled to my opinion.”
  • “You’re triggered.”
    Typically takes a triggered person to utter that phrase, or their sole purpose in the conversation is to annoy people.
  • “Do your research.”
    This person has not done any actual research.
  • “That’s fake news.”
  • “I’m not a sheep.”
    Ironic how there is a herd of people who enjoy using this phrase…

These phrases can be annoying, offensive, or even dangerous. They can also be a sign that someone is not very intelligent or well-informed. If you hear someone using these phrases, it’s best to avoid engaging with them. Instead, walk away and find someone else to talk to.

What words/phrases do you hear someone say and immediately know you’re probably not going to like the person?
by u/theevilempire in AskReddit

Here are some tips for dealing with people who say idiotic things:

  • Don’t engage. The best way to deal with an idiot is to not engage with them. If they start talking to you, just walk away.
  • Be polite but firm. If you can’t walk away, be polite but firm in your disagreement. Don’t let them get under your skin.
  • Change the subject. If you can’t get away from the idiot, try to change the subject. Talk about something else that they’re not interested in.
  • Walk away. If all else fails, just walk away. It’s not worth your time or energy to argue with an idiot.

By following these tips, you can avoid getting into arguments with idiots and keep your sanity intact.