World’s Largest Hockey Stick to Adorn Front of New Ice Arena Planned for Lockport!

With all this talk about Gigantar – the world’s largest hand-made guitar sculpture – debuting in downtown Joliet this week, it loos like the city of Lockport wants in on the action!

Our sister station 1340 WJOL is reporting the Lockport City Council approved a new ice arena which will include the world’s largest hockey stick for patrons to walk under at the entrance!

Take one guess as to where the current world’s hockey stick is located!

Yep…Canada! It sits at 205 feet long and, like the proposed rink in Lockport, sits in front of a hockey rink in Duncan, BC.

Well, sorry to our friends up north, but Lockport, Illinois will be the new home to that world record-setting piece of lumber!

According to WJOL’s report, the facility will be a…

…year round use, hockey and ice-skating facility in combination with other sports is located on over 12 acres on Prime Blvd off of 167th Street.

The 71,000 square foot facility will feature two NHL regulation size ice rinks, speed and agility training center, full weight room, synthetic off-ice training area, turf field, pro-shop, concession stand and sports bar.

You can read more about the planned Summit Ice Arena here.