Worst Father’s Day Ever!

I did not grow up celebrating Father’s Day.  Maybe I should cut my guy some slack….he was around for the first two years of my life, so I am sure my mom did something back then.  Age three on up….nada.  There was a brief re-introduction in Junior High or High School, but those memories are so sketchy.  Usually on Father’s Day I celebrate my Mother.  I like to leave her long voicemails making fun of her for having anything to do with him!  I am sure she hates those calls.  She didn’t teach me to date a loser so I am not sure why she did.

Now that I have a little one we love to celebrate Father’s Day.  She’s a total Daddy’s Girl and it seems like every day is like Father’s Day anyway.  With school out, my husband does get ripped off.  Mother’s Day falls during the school semester and the teachers always make it a priority to send home the World’s Cutest Mom Craft.  However, with school out last week there was  no time to make anything good for the dads.  That left us to go shopping and pick something out on our own.

It is very interesting to see what a 5 year old thinks is a great gift.  I had to steer her away from very weird things…until we saw a Karate Kid shirt.  Then I just gave up.  It was either that or the can of WD40.