WORST OF 2020 Nominee: Woman Uses Terrible Photoshopped Picture to Try to Get Out of Work

Wow, when it comes to making up stories as to why you are late to work, this one is at the bottom of the barrel.

Usually, you should try to keep it vague. No need to over complicate things with too much detail unless pressed, right?

Not if you are THIS lady from Oklahoma, who said she had a flat tire because of a nail. Her mistake was trying to bolster the lie with “photographic evidence.” You don’t have to zoom in very far to see her mistake:

At least if you’re going to come up with a LIE for why you’re late to work, make it one that can’t be undone by zooming in on a photo.

It’s obvious that the picture is Photoshopped! The nail looks incredibly fake!

And two, if you do a Google search for “nail in tire,” it’s literally the FIRST PHOTO that comes up.

The tweet is now going viral, but so far, we don’t have an update on whether her coworker was fired.