Would you ambush someone with a mask gun?

As Mitch Michaels says, “Wear the damn mask!”  Well, here’s someone who definitely agrees with him.

YouTuber Allen Pan is tired of anti-maskers. He says “An American problem demands an American solution”, so he’s created a launcher that shoots masks onto people’s faces.

The launcher is made with a CO2 canister, part of a car’s break line, and a solenoid.  It shoots a mask with weighted magnets on the ends to help it wrap around an anti-masker’s face.

Allen said he thought the only way to appeal to “mask-holes” was to “focus on the one thing Coronavirus protesters care about: the Second Amendment.”  So the device not only shoots masks, but takes a double political shot as well!

I do believe in wearing the mask and I have to say I find the thought of whipping out this thing and having a mask glom onto someone’s face like some kind of alien kind of hilarious.

Now Allen joked that after a series of mixed results from his launcher that he’s “ready for human trials to begin!”  The thought might be hilarious but good luck to him if he tries using it on actual strangers.  Yikes.