This is Leslie Harris, and I have never understood the allure of haunted houses. I want to have fun, I don’t want to be scared! I don’t even like scary movies. The last one I saw place at least 30 years ago, and it scared me so much I swore off of them forever.

But, to each their own, and now there is a haunted house that takes it to the extreme extreme. It is a TEN HOUR experience –  yes you read that right, 10 hours! The people who participate in this haunted house have to sign up for waiver, have a medical exam, watch a 2 hour video preparing them, take a drug test and more. And, the owner of the haunted house will give you $2000 if you complete the 10-hour experience. So far no one has.


Oh, there is also a road trip involved. One of the McKamey Manors houses is in Summerville, TN and the other one is in Huntsville, AL.

So, are you up for the challenge? Or are you like me, and you wouldn’t go near that place if you WERE paid thousands of dollars?

Let me know, and how you’re celebrating Halloween in the comments.

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