Would You Park Near Wrigley With These On Your Car?

When it comes to license plates, there are many to choose from in Illinois.  Blood Donor, Route 66, State Universities, etc.  If you’re a sports fan, you can display your Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs or Sox plate. Of course these are all Illinois teams.

Beginning next month the Illinois Secretary of State will offer St. Louis Cardinal license plates! They may become popular in some parts of the state, but probably not in Wrigleyville.

For details check out the story below (credit: Associated Press & Chicago Tribune).

Illinois Secretary of State via AP

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White says an Illinois license plate featuring the St. Louis Cardinals will be sold in support of public schools.
The plates with the Cardinals “Birds on Bat” logo will be available for purchase after Labor Day. Fans will be able to order random number, personalized or vanity plates.
The license plate was unveiled Thursday by White at Busch Stadium prior to the Cardinals’ 8-0, 1-hit drubbing of the Chicago Cubs.
White says that the plate offers an opportunity for fans to express pride for their team, while supporting public education in Illinois.
— Associated Press