Yes, at 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning, we here in Illinois will be moving our clocks back one hour to “standard time” – like it or not.

You may recall about a year ago the Illinois Senate passed a bill that would have kept us in Daylight Saving Time permanently. However, the House of Representatives never acted upon it, which means it’s business as usual as far as our clock-moving goes.

According to Andy Manar, a democrat senator from Bunker Hill, the whole concept of the bill is all because of a group of high school students who made a presentation to him for their civics class. According to the Alton Telegraph:

“It was a well-thought out proposal that I felt deserved consideration in Springfield,” Manar said. “Given the loss of productivity caused by the arbitrary daylight saving time change, and the various health and safety concerns that are supported by research, this proposal makes a lot of sense.

”What’s most important is that this group is an example of how young people can step up and engage their elected officials to enact changes they want to see in government,” he said.

There’s also a bill on Capitol Hill in Washington called the Sunshine Protection Act (hilarious) pushing for a nationwide law to lock us into DST.

Just tack this on to the dumb list of things we have to worry about right now.