Yes, You Might Really Have a Hangover From Sugar

Hi, it’s Leslie Harris, and if you’ve ever eaten too much sugar, you may have later experienced what feels like a hangover. It’s not just your imagination, because too much sugar can make your body feel like you’ve had too much alcohol. So what can you do about it?

Well, the most obvious answer is to cut back on sugar, but if you’re going to have sugar, or really anything high in carbohydrates, make sure you eat something with protein and or fat first. The protein and fat will slow the absorption of sugar, and no, it does not mean that eating a fatty donut is a healthy choice!

Carry some healthy snacks with you, like nuts, so that if you do get hangry, you’ve got something you can eat right away.

And drink lots of water. Not coffee, not tea, and definitely not fruit juice, which can exacerbate your situation.