Thanks to my buddies at Will County Brewing Company in Shorewood for letting me join them for their kickball team for a game yesterday in Joliet. It wasn’t just any kickball game, though…this league mandates that each player must have a full cup of beer (or water, or whatever) as they play…this is in effect for both the fielders and the kicker!

Each week has a costume theme that all teams are strongly encouraged to follow. Yesterday was “animal print” week, so I wore some tights with cartoon animals on it under some basketball shorts. Fortunately, my wife/photographer was busy with two kids at the playground, so you will not be tortured with a photo of me in tights.

It was the most fun I’ve had on a diamond in a long time! Obviously, the competitiveness is pretty low, but the fun is at an all time high. Besides the mandatory full glass in hand rule, there are other rules that make the game more about having fun than about winning.

Cup in Hand Kickball Rules

And, the big question you may be asking is, “Is the beer free?” No…it’s not. You have to buy pitchers at the concession stand. What a great way to sell beer!!! Start a league where holding a full cup of liquid is mandatory, then sell the teams the beer! Genius!!!!!