Yesterday, The Monday After The Sunday Before!!

So yesterday was the Monday after the Sunday before. There’s Super Bowl Sunday and then there’s Super Bowl Monday! I’m sure I wasn’t  the only person calling for a referendum on why yesterday, that Monday after the Sunday, isn’t a national holiday. Super Bowl Sunday is one of the most celebratory days of the year (even if the game and the half time show both sucked). People party hard on that day (I actually took it easy and was fine yesterday) and our representatives should take that into consideration when framing a new holiday. I mean many of us get the day after Thanksgiving off as a holiday! Thanksgiving a day with a lot of consumption! Both food and drink!! Now I’m not just fishin’ for another day off! There’s very good reasons to consider making Super Monday a holiday! An estimated 17 million people will have called in sick Monday, the day after the big Super Bowl game. The Workforce Institute at Kronos, Inc. said it will be a record number since the company began keeping track in 2005. Three million employees are expected to come into work late, while six million will leave work early. The cost of productivity loss could be more than $4 billion. That includes sick days and time spent discussing the game, according to Challenger, Gray & Christmas, an outplacement and executive coaching firm. The company surveyed 1,107 adults in the U.S., and estimated around 17.2 million could skip work Monday, which is the highest number in the five or six times they have conducted the survey. More than 8 million workers are projected to take a pre-approved day off, but an additional 4.7 million are expected to take a sick day, even if they are not ill. So why not just give in and make it a holiday! Think of the money and the HR time it would save. If you can take Washington’s birthday and morph it into President’s day why not Super Sunday into Super Monday? Makes perfect sense to me!



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