Tonight and tomorrow the lovely Leslie Harris is filling in for me.  So needless to say you are in outstanding hands #RockMama.   I told her that I had a good idea for a music challenge question though and she kindly let me post it.   I was literally having this conversation with a group friends over Labor Day weekend.  We started talking about Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees and who are the biggest omissions.  Then we went round the room and said who we would put in if we were in charge … There were some interesting answers.    So obviously I wanted to hear what you guys thought.

So all kinds of names came up … Bad Company, The Doobie Brothers … I of course mentioned Duran Duran.  One of my friends said an interesting person …. who on the one hand is such a legend that she should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but on the other hand isn’t exactly known for Rock.   Dolly Parton.   So Dolly has influenced so many artists of all kinds of genre’s that maybe she should be … but I argued there is a Country Music Hall of Fame.   It’s a slippery slope … if you let Dolly in then you are opening the door for many country legends.    There are many R&B artists who have been inducted so I argued that George Michael should be in (but we all know how much I love George Michael!)

So the artist that I went with eventually was really decided because I had just listened to a podcast on the music of Athens, Georgia.  In particular REM and the B52’s.   Now one of those bands is already in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame … BUT the other one should be.  They had such a unique sound that so many artists built on over the years.   Their harmonies are Beach Boy worthy and lets face it … Fred’s nerd rapping was fabulous.   So I am going with the B52’s…. (and before you give me any grief … I will have you know John Lennon loved the B52’s and credits them with motivating him to listen to current music again and also make some new music himself – also the sounds of the sea creatures in the below song are kind of homage to Yoko … so there’s that too.)