You Are What You Eat.

So I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase you are what you eat! That’s a bit scary because I like some unusual things, escargot, oysters, liver sausage, but I really have changed my diet in the past 15 months after a heath issue and I’m eating much better these days. One of the things I simply don’t indulge in anymore is fast food. I rarely went to McDonald’s or Burger King, Arby’s or Kentucky Fried Chicken, but I would hit Portillo’s once in a while and maybe a Culver’s. I don’t know, is Chipotle considered fast food? I do help myself to a burrito once in a while, but chicken and fish are mainstays in my diet these days. Beef pretty much none existent.  So I thought as a public service I’d pass along a couple of pieces that talk about what can happen as the result of eating fast foods and also some foods you may just want to stop dealing with and why.

Foods To Forever Remove From Your Fridge.

Deadly Diseases Linked To Fast Foods.