I’ve always wondered how much dogs rely on sight.  Sure they can see a cat darting across the yard 500 feet away, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a dog fooled by his own image in a mirror.  Much less by seeing a dog on TV, despite what 101 Dalmatians portrays.

But check this out. A new video online shows a golden retriever mistaking a pair of slippers as two puppies.  And they really do look like puppies.  I might’ve been fooled too!

Eva Chow recorded her two-year old golden retriever, Molly, reacting to meeting the slippers.  The dog seemed both amused and curious at the sight of two small versions of itself.

Ms. Chow said, “Molly was very confused trying to figure out whether or not the slippers were a friend. I think eventually she realised they weren’t real and began debating whether or not she could get away with chewing them.”

If you just search for Eva Chow Molly, you should find the video.  It’s pretty short, but be ready for cute overload anyway.