You Can Now Buy Cocktails To-Go From Your Favorite Bar or Restaurant!

Governor Pritzker yesterday signed HB 2682, which allows bars and restaurants to sell cocktails to-go.

You may have seen a few try it up until this point, but it was technically against the law, so many establishments would sell you the alcohol in “airline” bottles separate from the non-alcoholic components. Now, they can mix it up for you to drink at home…with some restrictions.

1 – It has to be on a properly labeled original container with a tamper-evident seal (wax, shrink wrap, etc). That means it has to be filled at the establishment by one of their employees in a new, rigid, never-been-used container . No lids that allow a straw to be inserted and the cups can’t be made from paper, plastic or Styrofoam.

2 – No third party deliveries of to-go cocktails. Sorry…no Grubhub, UberEats or other food delivery services can transport mixed drinks. If delivered, it has to be from an employee of the establishment.

3 – Everyone in the process is 21 or older. Obviously.

4 – It’s transported in the truck of the car.

Other than that, may I recommend a cocktail or two from my guys/gals at Foxfire in downtown Geneva!? They even have kits to go and these super cool training videos.