You Can Put Your Pet on a Billboard for Free This Month

Do you have the cutest pet in the history of the world!? Well of course you do! Now you can show everyone driving on 294 or 88!

If you’ve got a pet, you’ve probably got a million photos of them on your phone.  Now you’ve finally got a chance to put them to good use . . .

A company called Lamar owns around 150,000 billboards in the U.S., including a ton of digital billboards.  And for National Pet Month, they partnered with an ad company called Shoutable . . . to let people post photos of their pets for FREE.

You can upload a photo at and add a custom message.  There’s a map, so you can choose a billboard nearby.  You can also choose the date and time for it to play.

Technically, you have to checkout, and it’ll say it costs $45.  But if you use the discount code “LamarPetMonth“, it’ll drop that to zero.

They’re accepting submissions through May 31st.