For fear of sounding like I am 103 years old … there are some struggles we kids of the seventies and eighties grew up with that today’s kids have no idea.

Now to be honest most of those struggles have been solved with one simple device which most of us now have …  the cell phone.   I mean I can honestly remember driving around as a teenager with no clue where I was and searching furiously for a pay phone and loose change so I could use the pay phone just so I could call my Mum and see if she knew where I was.   The payphone itself was quite the experience.  I mean in London we had telephone boxes which I know tourists find charming but back when they were more than just photo opportunities and were actually in use, you never knew if you were going to find that the telephone box had actually been used as a toilet for some drunk soul from the night before.   Then there was the phone itself.  If it miraculously worked you had to check that no one had stuck their gum to the hand set.   Basically you just need a bath after entering one of these facilities.

So all the above struggles were due to no GPS and now cell phone but the next struggle I have to talk about is photography.  Now on the one hand we had it better because all our teenage shenanigans did not get posted all over social media and trust me that is something I am very happy about … I mean my teenage hairstyles alone would have haunted me.  But today’s kids do not know about the roller coaster of emotion you go through when you take what you think are some award winning photo’s … wait patiently and pay some serious cash to get them developed (and order double prints of course)…. only to be disappointed when the pictures were blurry and dark.   Good times.