You Know It’s Ridiculous But…

Hi this is Leslie Harris, and sometimes, I realize how ridiculous I am, but also, I don’t let it go. Like, being offended by random, stupid things.

For example, I left a voicemail message for 25 year old business associate. As I was leaving the voicemail, I thought to myself, why am I doing this? I know that 25 year olds generally don’t check their voicemail. Sure enough, a couple of days went by and no response from her, so I sent her a text to which she responded promptly. I was a little offended, and I took it kind of personally, even though I KNOW that it wasn’t personal! See what I mean here? It’s ridiculous that I would get offended by that. I know that 25 year olds generally don’t check thier voice mail. IT’S NOT PERSONAL!

A friend of mine told me that a young man showed up at her work for his first day of his internship. He came in and said the parking lot was full, and would it be okay if he parked in the handicap spot? My friend politely told him he would need to find another place to park, but inside, she was personally offended that he would even ask! I laughed and told her that I actually know of businesses where that would be acceptable, and, he did ask! See what I’m doing here? Sometimes we get personally offended bye little things that are absolutely not personal!

I have learned that the less I allow myself to get offended, the happier I am. So lighten up and laugh at yourself when you see yourself getting offended like people just going about living their lives. And if you are offended by this post, lighten up! Life is precious, and you’ll be happier for it. 😀

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