You Know, Just A Little Curling on a Saturday Night

Why aren’t there more places to play curling in the suburbs?!

I know there are actual curling leagues, but believe it or not, curling is HARD! But THIS curling is easy, and beers are only an arm’s length away!

I believe there are a few bars around the city that offer outdoor curling, but we happened to stop by Kaiser Tiger on Randolph in the West Loop (I think…I don’t know, I’m from Plainfield). Great beer list, and I hear the food is pretty good too, however, we were hungry and couldn’t wait the necessary two-hours for dinner so we went to Alhambra Palace, which is an experience in and of itself!

We did have to to put in our names to play curling, as the wait was quite long, but we just strolled down the block to get Jenni’s Ice Cream and a beer at Cruz Blanca before going back to get our curl on.

Pretty dang fun evening! Highly recommend!