You Know That Odor Outside You Can’t Identify…It Could Be This!

The folks at the Forest Preserve of Will County are always putting out some fun and interesting pieces on their website They wrote a piece that sparked my interest because I thought they were talking to me!

I’ve lived in Plainfield for about 5 years, and each and every year around this time, I smell something…interesting…outside. It is not a good smell. I always thought it was coming from someone’s trash cans or that something had died somewhere. I didn’t really care enough to really investigate though.

Then I come across this article from the FPDWC, and lo and behold…the answer to my question was staring me in the face the entire time! The Bradford Pear tree! As a matter of fact, I can stand in my drive way and see not one, not two, but SEVEN of these bad boys lining the street (above)!

Well wouldn’t ya know it, my neighborhood is littered with these tress! They are very pretty white-flowered trees, but apparently they are not really recommended for planting in residential areas. Not only because of the stench, but the branches are more fragile than other trees (which is in issue in strong-wind scenarios) and don’t live very long. More than that, this tree is actually under double secret probation and may end up on the invasive species list if it’s not careful! (Kind of joking, but kind of not).

The tree experts at the Morton Arboretum have a lot more about the shortcomings of the Bradford Pear a.k.a Callery Pear as an ornamental tree.

Honestly, now that I’ve read about these little stinkers, I see them EVERYWHERE!

Next time you smell that stink that you just can’t blame on your dog…look for one of these lurking around a suburban street near you.