You Won’t Believe Your Eyes. Really!
Hi this is Leslie Harris. I recently received an invitation to something called The Magic Parlour. Even though the invitation came from the publicity team at The Goodman Theatre in Chicago, I was skeptical. A magic show? Really?
So I looked it up online, and found out that it’s one of the top attractions on several travel sites. I was intrigued. I experienced the show about a week ago, and let me tell you, words cannot describe.
Dennis Watkins is a third generation illusionist, and has been performing The Magic Parlour for 15 years. Here is just one of the illusions he performed:
He placed black duct tape over each eye, then taped more pieces across his face. Two audience members (including my friend, who I know was not a plant)  checked to make sure the tape was secure. Someone collected a few personal items from the audience, and without touching them, he precisely described all three of them, including an oddly shaped and oddly named bottle of hand sanitizer! There were lots of card tricks too, and just when we thought he’d failed, he astounded us.
We also attended the VIP experience. We were in a room with less than 20 people, and I was sitting right next to Dennis. I got to shuffle and cut the cards, but even sitting right next to him, I couldn’t believe what happened to next.
Dennis Watkins is also delightfully charming. You are guaranteed a great time.
The Magic Parlour runs six times a week, at 50 West Randolph, adjacent to the Goodman Theatre and Petterino’s Restaurant.
For tickets and information, click HERE