You’ll Never Believe What TSA Found This Time

Hi this is Leslie Harris, and there was some excitement at the Ft Lauderdale airport a couple of days ago.

A man tried to smuggle a gun through security, but not just that, he hid the gun inside a, wait for it, inside a raw chicken.

Now I know what you’re thinking. You can take raw chicken on a plane? Yeah, according to TSA guidelines, you actually can take raw or cooked chicken, but no, you still can’t take a gun in your carry-on.

Kudos to whoever runs the Twitter account for TSA. They tweeted,

“There’s a personal fowl here. Our officers made this very raw find. We hate to break it to you but stuffing the firearm in your holiday bird for travel is just a baste of time. So don’t wing it, you’ll find all the proper packaging info here.”

Not surprisingly, some of the responses are pretty good too, like:

“Should have called the Butterball hotline for directions”

“This is plucking terrible. We think this person’s actions are repre-hen-sible. However their taste in firearms is im-peck-able.”

“Seriously, a lemon works much better and there’s no gunpowder aftertaste.”


“Which came first question the chicken or the gun?”

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