You’ll Never Guess What Chicago Has Done This Time
Hey it’s Leslie Harris. Are you familiar with Conde Nast? It’s a global mass media company, and Conde Nast traveler is considered the premier travel publication. Their slogan is,
“We exist to create and champion the exceptional. “
The readers of Conde Nast travel magazine were asked to vote on their favorite cities, and they voted Chicago as the best American city. Not only that, but Chicago was voted the best big American city or the seventh year in a row!
I travel into Chicago a lot. In fact, in the last week I’ve been to Chicago four times! Once for the Peter Gabriel concert at the United Center, and three times to go to Chicago’s beautiful beaches with this last breath of Summer.
People site the tourist attractions, the great food and the interesting architecture as reasons to visit. Believe it or not, it’s considerably less congested than New York.
Yeah, there are some bad neighborhoods. Stay away from those.
I haven’t had any bad experiences in many years. I did once have my purse stolen when I was walking in a less than great neighborhood at about 3:00 in the morning. I don’t put myself into those situations anymore.
Sure Chicago has its woes, there’s so much to love about the city. Let’s keep this positive, and tell me what you love about Chicago in the Facebook comments