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Young Adults Ditch DIY For This Trend – Danielle is Guilty!

Need to put up shelves or install a new light fixture? Forget DIY. For the younger generation, a new trend has taken over.

According to a survey by Ronseal of 2,000 of adults aged 23-38, calling in help from dear old dad is the way to go these days!

Only one in five admitted to seeking a professional for various tasks, but a full 45 percent copped to leaning on their fathers, which the company noted makes sense, since the cost is usually free.

Many respondents felt learning DIY skills were only important after moving out of their childhood homes, with four in 10 saying they turn to YouTube for advice.

I’m not ashamed to admit that, every since I moved into my new house last month, my dad has been there almost every weekend helping me do stuff (and, by that, I mean he is doing most of the work). However, it’s not because I am not able to figure things out. He loves doing things like that! Even before I bought my house, he spent a lot of time helping my sisters and brother in laws with things around their homes. It’s what dads do, if they’re able to!

Danielle Tufano

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