Young Entrepreneurs Take Center Stage at Fox Valley Mall’s Upcoming Kids Entrepreneur Show

One of my missions is to promote all the great things that kids do everyday. They get a bad wrap from “adults” who use social media to bring them down when we should be lifting them up.

That’s why this event caught my eye! There will be a Kids Entrepreneur Show at Fox Valley Mall on August 19th!


Kids who try and start their own business, whatever that business may be, should be encouraged and supported! There are so many lessons to be learned, from organization, to money management, to networking and people skills, and so much more that will help them as they grow. What a great forum for these kids to show off and hone their skills.

If you have a child under the age of 18 who would like a spot, you can register here.

If you’d like to go support the kids and maybe spend a dollar or two, swing by the Fox Valley Mall on Saturday, Aug. 19th anytime the mall is open!

Go get ’em, kids!