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Young Men, Apparently Worried Over ‘Breaking A Fingernail,’ Avoid DIY

If you know how to take care of simple repairs around the home, you must be on the older side of life. At least that’s what a new survey out of the UK claims.

Taking a look at the DIY skills set of 2,000 adults aged 18-24, The Ideal Home Show found that most were lacking when it came to basic tasks like hanging shelves, bleeding a radiator, or even changing a light bulb. I gotta say, I have no idea how to bleed a radiator…??

Apparently, young British men were more worried about breaking a fingernail than their female counterparts, to the tune of 22 percent versus only 18 percent of women. Embarrassment over these inabilities also runs high, with 16 percent telling friends they did the work when actually a professional was called in.

I know that I rely on my dad to come over and help with things around my home, but I know that I could do most of the work on my own if he ever said no. I can’t guarantee that pictures on the wall would be straight and/or sturdy… but I’d get ’em up there! 🙂

Danielle Tufano


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