Your Local Pandemic Numbers Might Surprise You. They Did Me!

It’s hard not to notice the uptick in COVID numbers. It really is everywhere you look. The phrase a pandemic of the unvaccinated seems to hold some water with the numbers showing so many of the new infections are unvaccinated people. I have friends who still resist getting the vaccine and they have varying excuses. Waiting for the FDA to give full approval or I think I’ve already had COVID so I’m good or I’m pretty healthy so I think I’ll be OK. All pretty scary thoughts in my book, but everyone has to make their own choice. The numbers are sky rocketing, but I came across an article about local numbers and it featured my town of Hinsdale and some surrounding communities. I was quite surprised at the volume of cases locally. “As of Sunday, Hinsdale had 94.8 coronavirus cases per thousand people since the pandemic’s beginning. The figure compares to 83.7 in Darien, 90.2 in La Grange Park, 93.9 in DuPage County, 96.3 in Elmhurst, 101.7 in Western Springs, 103.5 in Clarendon Hills, 104.3 in suburban Cook County, 107.1 in Burr Ridge and 123.8 in La Grange (including unincorporated La Grange Highlands).”

Hinsdale Sees Largest Virus Hike Since May.