Zoom Lifting Its 40-Minute Limit on Thanksgiving Day

In households across the suburbs, Thanksgiving will look a bit different than usual. Many people are opting to play it safe rather than get together with large groups of family, but that doesn’t mean you can’t catch up with those second cousins you only see on holidays!

If you are a fan of the Zoom meeting platform, you will be able to hop on it for as long as you’d like on Thanksgiving instead of cutting it at the usual 40 minute mark.

How gracious of them! Oh my goodness!!

Do you sense my sarcasm? Good.

Honestly, there are at least a half dozen other video chat platforms that DON’T EVER have time restrictions that I feel could be better for your virtual holiday parties.

Here at the radio stations, we are fond of Google Hangouts. You cna also just use Facebook’s new Rooms feature.

But hey, if Zoom is your thing, that’s cool, you will have unlimited access on Turkey Day. You don’t even have t wear a mask!