A Billionaire Tried to Buy an Instagram Handle…Yeah, It Didn’t Go Well

Have you ever had someone ask you to give up a handle on social media?  If it’s something dumb you came up with in the seventh grade like @Cole_Cowabunga_Dude maybe not . . . but if it’s your name, maybe!

A so-called “influencer” named Katherine Driscoll (represented by the AI-created image above) recently married someone named Cabot Asplundh, whose family is worth billions.

You already dislike her, I can tell, but it gets worse

Katherine decided she wanted to change her Instagram handle to her married name, and found out that @KatherineAsplundh was taken.

The woman who had the handle was “Kate.”  She was just using it as a low-key family account . . . and she says she was surprised when she received a message from Katherine, offering to BUY it from her.

Katherine Drisc Asplundh harassing me?
byu/StringSilly2839 inNYCinfluencersnark

Kate hesitated, because she saw that selling your username was against Instagram’s policy, and it could get you kicked off the platform.  She says she did consider just giving it to Katherine . . . but then Katherine got nasty.

She started badgering Kate about her name . . . saying that no one in her (husband’s) family is named Kate, and doubted that it was actually her real name.  She even asked Kate to show her “proof” that it was her name.

Naturally, Kate was NOT interested in showing an ID to this random bully on social media, so she tried ending the conversation.

Katherine was not having that.  She said she was reporting Kate to Instagram, for “pretending to be someone she’s not.”  She said that’s “illegal” and it will be “really embarrassing for her.”  OK…not really.

Kate also reported Katherine for harassing her online AND demanding that she sell her username.  She also posted screenshots of their conversation online, where Katherine’s entitled attitude is getting roasted.

In true Kate fashion, she’s is asking people to cool it, saying, “She was rude, but let’s not get on her level.”

Instagram hasn’t commented, but obviously Katherine did NOT get Kate’s account.  Katherine hasn’t shared her side of the story, as far as we know.  And it’s unclear how much she would’ve paid for the username.