Trouble with Our Stream?

We know that many of you are listening to our station on a webstream, smart speaker or player, so we have upgraded our servers to make 95.9 The River sound even better!

But we need your help to check your device settings to make sure you can continue to enjoy uninterrupted listening to us.

How do we fix this? Easy! If listening on a station webpage….

1. REMOVE the bookmark.
2. Clear the CACHE in your browser. Some browsers call this clear cookies. You can also try to simply RELOAD the webpage. This will  often work.
3. Check that the station feed is playing.
4. Re-bookmark the station stream.

Those who use an app, ie: iHeart, Tune-In. Most will automatically go to the new stream. However, if it is a saved station, and there is no audio, remove the bookmark and save it again. Your apps may find your saved stations without reloading.

Those who use Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Those will reload the new stream automatically.